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Updated Attendance Strategy

The High School Attendance Strategy and Intervention Plan has been updated for the 2016/17 School Year. The document is available in the left hand "School" navigation menu.

Girls Soccer


Girls Soccer Tryouts

As the year begins, you may be interested to note that Girls Soccer tryouts will begin on Thursday at 3:45 at Richardson Field! Please see Mr. Nagel if you have questions.

Attendance Incentive Reminder

As final exams are fast approaching, I wanted to send out a reminder about the Attendance Incentive.  In order for a student to qualify for the attendance incentive, they must meet all of the following requirements:
        7 or fewer absences in each individual class, per semester
        3 or fewer lates in each individual class, per semester
        All assignments completed in a satisfactory manner (no zeros) with a maximum of three late assignments over the entire semester
        Minimum of 50% in the selected course one week prior to the last day of classes
        No unexcused absences
        No suspensions
Your son/daughter’s subject area teacher will communicate whether or not they qualify for the incentive via Powerschool.  This information will be available in Powerschool on Monday June 13th.  It is an expectation that all final exams be completed in a satisfactory manner.  Students are expected to prepare for all exams. 

The School Enrollment Exemption


The School Enrollment Exemption Application Form (available under Document Library link) is to be used in ALL cases when a student is enrolling from outside the school’s attendance area.


School Guidelines for the attached "School Enrollment Exemption Application Form":

  1. Any parent/guardian wishing to enroll a student into a school which is outside the attendance area for a school must complete the “School Enrollment Exemption Application Form.” The dates included on the form are for registrations for the next school year.

  2. Approval Process:

    1. High School: If the first criterion applies (shown below), then the principal can approve. (Copy sent to Superintendent.)

    2. Out-of-Attendance Area, Living in the City of Regina (proof of address with legal guardian will be required)

    3. Siblings of continuing students in the school whose residence falls outside the school’s attendance area.

    4. If other than the first criterion and the principal seeks approval, a copy is emailed to the superintendent for review.

    5. Out-of-Attendance Area, Living Outside the City of Regina-all Student Enrollment Exemption application forms to be received by Division Office.

Welcome to Our New McTavish!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our Campbell Alumni, we now have a fantastic new McTavish mascot for our school. In addition to an on-going scholarship each year, this same group supplied us with our first McTavish in 2003 through funds raised at Campbell Collegiate’s 25th Year Reunion. Our original McTavish has been a well-loved star at so many sporting events and other school activities for the past 13 years. Alumni Barb Church and Sandra LaClaire (both class of ’71), knew that it might be time for a new replacement for our original McTavish. Carefully designed by a group of dedicated S.L.C. students, the new McTavish took shape over a number of months and was ultimately created in Toronto by Loonie Times. We recently gave wonderful old McTavish a sentimental, dignified send-off in front of all our students and, at the same time, introduced the spectacular new McTavish to the school. He will be with us now for many years to come and will show everyone our proud Tartan spirit. Thank you Campbell Alumni! Your generosity means so much to every one of us at Campbell.

What follows is a letter to the students of Campbell written by Barb Church and Sandra LaClaire on behalf of all Campbell Alumni:


Thoughts for the Students of Campbell Collegiate from Barb Church and Sandra LaClaire (Class of ‘71)

You see before you two women. A little older and believe me much wiser. We were you! We see you – early in your journey of life – just like we were. School is hard and so is growing up. We remember.
McTavish is a gift from the thousands of Campbell students who have come before you.
Remember to laugh and to stay balanced.
Remember to be kind.


Our New McTavish!

Our New McTavish!

Our New McTavish!

Courses Not Offered in 2015-2016 School Year

Despite being on the 2015-2016 registration forms, the following courses are no longer being offered due to extremely low enrollment:


Drama 9
Dance 20
Dance 30
Biology 30 IB standard level (high level is still being offered)
Chemistry 30 IB high level (standard level is still being offered)
Female only Phys. Ed. 20 (co-ed is still being offered)
Female only Phys. Ed. 30 (co-ed is still being offered)
Music Instrumental 30
Native Studies 10
Creative Writing 20

** Previously we had reported that the Year-long Foundations of Math 20 course had been canceled -- this is no longer the case!

Order My Gear from Skyline Athletics


Campbell Clothing is on sale now!


Now through April 15th, 2016, you can order your very own Campbell gear, thanks to Skyline Athletics.




To order, visit Skyline Athletics now!


Course Catalog 2016/2017 Now Available

The course catalog has been updated for all of next year's classes. It is available in the Document Library, or by following this direct link.

Registration for 2016/2017 School Year

Grade 9 registration forms will be provided to all grade 8 students from our family of neighbourhood elementary schools. They must be returned to the elementary school by March 23. Any grade 8 student who does not attend our family of neighbourhood schools or who does not reside in the Campbell attendance area is required to submit a student enrollment exemption form to the Regina Public School Division office as soon as possible. This includes students with a sibling who attends Campbell Collegiate. Students with attendance exemptions should print a registration form from the Campbell website and submit it to Campbell office by March 23.

Current Campbell students will receive their registration forms in CAP on Tuesday, March 8. All completed registration forms must be handed into CAP teachers by March 23. IB students will receive their registration forms from Mr. Ransom, IB Coordinator.

Any grade 10-12 students coming to Campbell Collegiate from another school division, city or province must make an appointment at the High School Registration Centre.



Grade 9

Grade 10-12

Grade 10-12 (French Immersion)

Grade 11-12 (IB)

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