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Teaching Staff


Campbell Collegiate 2018-19 Teaching Staff

Name Position/Area


Buisson, Nancy Principal

Elder, Lance

Panko, Kelsey Vice-Principal



Adams, Kelly Health, Wellness, English

Course Outlines
Adelman, Scott  Elementary Music  
Aitken, Justin Science ca  
Anders, Sheri-Lynn Practical & Applied Arts/Math  
Baete, Monique French Immersion

Baird, Deidre Choral

Baird, Russell Choral

Baumgartner, Sarah E. A. L  
Belle, James French Immersion Studies  
Benesh, Amanda P. A. A  
Bosley, Blayne C.N. Program  
Brandt, Jared Computer Science
Braun, Luke French Immersion  
Bussiere, Darryl Teacher Librarian  
Carignan, Darla  Mathematics
Chammartin, Michael French Immersion

Clark, Dale Drafting, P.A.A  
Cross, Jamie French Immersion  
Cook, Lacey Food Studies/P.A.A

Cook Homepage
Foreman, Dallas Science/Biology/Chemistry  
Gaboury, Jeremy French Immersion/Social Studies  
Gates, Krista French Immersion/Spanish  
Grayston, Jason E. L. A/Social Studies  
Gullacher, Paul Science   
Haacke, Brian Auto Mechanics/P.A.A  
Hack, Karin English  
Hagman, Amanda English  
Harrison, Justin English  
Harrison, Tania Physical Education  
Hayduk, Hilary Science/Chemistry

Hillbom, Carolyn Science  
Howell, Maureen F.I.A.P

Ingenthron, Lacey Mathematics/P.A.A

Mrs. Ingenthron's Page
Johnson, Scott F.I.A.P

Josephson, Corby L.R.T

Keil, Trudy E.A.L Ms. Keil's Teaching Blog
Kohler, Gisela German  
Kuster-Vancise,  Pam Tutorial  
Kuzminski, Kam Accounting, Info Processing  
Labas, Jill Business  
Lauzon, Amanda French Immersion  
Leblanc, Chantal French Immersion  
Leier, Michael Guidance  
Lenihan, Kelsie English  
Lepage, Roger Guidance  
Lloyd, Darren Science

Lynch, Jessica Physical Education  
Makris-Nagel, Maria P.A.A.  
Marchtaler, Shaune Visual Art/P.A.A  
Martin, Amy Science  
McConkey, Taylor Science  
McFadden, Tim Social Studies  
McLeod, Erin L.R.T (French)

Meier, Sherry F.I.A.P.

Miller, Todd Social Studies

Montague, Nicolle Visual Arts Ms. Montague's Wikispaces
Moroz, Amy Mathematics  Moroz's Math Pages
Munro, Jason L.R.T. (Learning Leader)  
Nagel, Bill Physical Education Phys Ed 9 | Wellness 10
Neithercut, Lorne Social Studies  
Ostapovitch, Loretta Mathematics  
Park, Danielle Supportive Environment (S.E.P.)  
Pelletier, Justin French Immersion  
Peters, Scott Band  
Potvin, Sebastian French Immersion

Powers, Nicole Physical Education  
Proud, Karen Physical Education  
Pyle, Brad Welding/Science 9

Ready, Julie E.L.A./Social/Transition

Redant, Yvonne Arts Ed.

Repski, Denee English  
Rogers, Cyndi F.I.A.P.

Sebastian, Danielle English ELA A30
Sentes, Jolene English  
Sexon,Rochelle-Ann French Immersion  
Sison, Anelyn Math  
Sirois, Andrea P.A.A./L.R.T.  
Sprungala, Alisa Mathematics

Math Help

Stinson, Craig Tutorial/English  
Sundeen, Joni Mathematics
Foundations and pre- Calc 10  -
Pre-Calculus 30 -
Taylor, Samantha Psychology  
Therrien, Elizabeth French Immersion  
Thomas, Jonathan Construction/P.A.A

Turner, Shelly Mathematics Ms. Turner's Site 
Vuong, Elizabeth E.L.A.  
Warren, Brian Social Studies  
Watts, Wendy Guidance  
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ELA 20 course outline.docx25.16 KB
Health- Career Ed 9 Course Outline.docx31.88 KB
Wellness 2016-2017 New Syllabus.docx341.08 KB