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Welcome To Campbell Collegiate

Only 4 weeks until...
Campbell Collegiate's 2nd Annual Gala
November 4, 2010
Phone 523-3254 to order your tickets and/or donate items to the Silent Auction Event.  Sponsorship is also welcome.  Make sure you buy your tickets soon - there are a limited number available and your name will be entered in the Early Bird Draw if purchased before September 30th. The lucky winner will receive a limousine ride to and from the Gala and a special Campbell themed gift basket!!!



A quick word...

Scorekeepers -There will be a mandatory meeting for all scorekeepers in Gym 2 at noon on Thursday, October 7th. This will be a training session for all scorekeeprs for tournaments and league games.  Please bring your lunch.

October 2010 Canteen Menu

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday





4 Pizza $2.00/slice or 4 slices for $6.00

5 Caesar Salad & Garlic Toast $3.50 6 Pizza $2.00/slice or 4 slices for $6.00 7 Shephard's Pie $3.25 a piece 8 9
10 11 Pizza $2.00/slice or 4 slices for $6.00 12 Perogies $3.00 for 6 13 Pizza $2.00/slice or 4 slices for $6.00 14 Soup $2.00 Chicken Vegetable 15 16
17 18 Pizza $2.00/slice or 4 slices for $6.00 19 Quesadilla $3.75 20 Pizza $2.00/slice or 4 slices for $6.00 21  Loaded baked potatoes $2.25 each
22 23
24 25 Pizza $2.00/slice or 4 slices for $6.00 26 Poutine $3.75 27 Pizza $2.00/slice or 4 slices for $6.00 28 Chili $3.75 a bowl 29 30



Thank You Bennett Dunlop Ford....

...for your sponsorship of the DRIVE ONE 4 UR SCHOOL fundraising program held on September 10th.  Ford Canada donated $20 per Test Drive which raised money for Campbell's facility enhancements. Thanks also goes out to Z99 and NewsTalk 980 CJME who were Live on Location during the lunch hour, and to Bennett Dunlop Ford for providing the BBQ which raised funds to assist flood victims in Pakistan.  Lastly, we greatly appreciate the participation of all Campbell Collegiate Community Council members, parents, staff members and folks from the community who organized and participated in DRIVE ONE 4 UR SCHOOL!

Four Tartans Help Team Sask to Football Canada Cup Gold!

Congratulations to Justin Palmier, Geoff Hughes, Frankie Gray and Davin Johnston who helped Team Saskatchewan win the gold medal at this year's Football Canada Cup under 18 national championship in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  See the Tartan Football Site for more details.

There's lots going on in the Music department at Campbell.  See what CAMPA is busy with!

Campbell Collegiate Upcoming Events

October 8 PD/Staff Meeting Day - NO CLASSES ALL DAY
October 11 Thanksgiving Day Holiday - NO CLASSES ALL DAY
October 12 Picture Retakes - A.M. Only
October 13 Senior Voices Retreat - Dallas Valley
October 14 Junior Voices Retreat - Dallas Valley
October 15 Semester 1 Report Card #1 Issued
October 14 - 16 CIVT Boys' Volleyball Tournament
October 18 Intermediate Voices Retreat - Dallas Valley
October 18 - 21 Two-Way Conferences in Advisory
October 19 Band Clinics
October 21 Three-Way Conferences 4:00 - 7:00 P.M.
October 21 - 23 Chamber Choir Retreat - Dallas Valley
October 22 Three-Way Conferences :30 A.M. - 3:30- P.M.
October 22 Subject Conferences 1:00 - 3:00 P.M.
October 26 - 27 Fall Music Concert - Band & Choir

A Special Chuckle Bros Cartoon created by Campbell Alumni

Brian and Ron Boychuk