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McTavish's Cafeteria


What's on the plate at McTavish's today ?

Check the menu!

Power Bowls - Made fresh daily - New bowls weekly!!

March 19 - 23

*** Pre-orders are welcome and preferred by staff ***



Buffalo bowl - Buffalo ranch dressing

Brown Rice, Super greens, Chicken, Green peppers, Black olives, Green onion, Mozza cheese, Sprouts, Wonton crisps


Sesame bowl - Sesame honey dressing

Rice noodles, Super greens, Chicken, Cucumbers, Green peppers, Toasted peanuts, Green onion, Sprouts, Wonton crisps


Roaster bowl - Balsamic blue cheese dressing

Quinoa, Spinach, Chicken, Roasted veggies, Red onion, Mozza cheese, Sprouts


All ingredients and dressing can be substituted for other items

*You may also create your own from the above ingredients*

*Power bowls will change WEEKLY*



*Sandwiches   *Wraps   *Salad Bar    *Fruits   *Juices   *Ice Cream   *Cookies


 Cash Cards Available

Cash cards are available for purchase and good to use at McTavish's Cafeteria. They come in $10 and $20 cards.

You can purchase them from McTavish's cashiers.



Catering Services Available

To print Catering Request form click at the attachment at the bottom


McTavish's Cafeteria 

Grand Opening - February 27th,  2015


Ms Cynthia Hock and the school's mascot McTavish do the honors of cutting the ribbon





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