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Campbell Only Offers



for 2017/2018

Scholarships Available


to Campbell Collegiate Students

The Application Deadline for all Awards is

Thursday, May 17, 2018

*Late Applications will not be accepted! 

Please check off the awards that interest you on the brochure.  Make sure your name and home room are included on the bottom of that page.  Detach the checklist and hand it in to Guidance by May 17, 2018.  Remember to include a resume  and your current transcript.  List significant volunteer work, including frequency of contributions and time donated to each organization.  Include the name and phone number for the contact person of each organization you have volunteered with.  If your chosen awards require additional information (i.e. an essay), please include with your application as well.

NEW **Attach a completed Campbell Teacher Reference Form. This form is REQUIRED for ALL scholarships. The form is available in the Guidance office and at the bottom of this page.


Candace Tetreault Memorial Fine Arts Award ($500)

1) Active student in the Fine Arts area at Campbell Collegiate.

2) Minimum grade 12 average of 75%.


(1) A letter explaining your interests and accomplishments in the Fine Arts and,

(2) a letter of recommendation from a teacher familiar with your Fine Arts experiences.


Hutchinson Family Community Scholarship ($500)

The applicant must:

1) Exemplify the value of service to the community; be involved in community service.

2) Demonstrate leadership through participation in extracurricular and community activities.

3) Exemplify high moral character.

4) Has a positive impact upon the community.


Regina Board of Education Scholarship ($500)

The applicant must:

1) Be registering in the Faculty of Education at a Canadian University.

2) Have at least 75% in eight grade 12 credits.

3) Have qualities that contribute to success in teaching.


Campbell Alumni Award ($500)

This award is given by a group of Campbell Alumni to a graduating student at our school who have shown superb leadership in support of  student activities.

The student who receive this award has to be in a good academic standing and has shown kindness and compassion to everyone at the school.


Dr. Kalpana & Rajni Patel Scholarship ($250)

1) High degree of academic success.

2) Demonstrate a love of learning.

3) Develop a sense of responsibility and personal commitment.

4) Contribute to the learning of others.

5) Participate in school and community endeavors.

6) Demonstrate civic and social responsibilities.

7) Gained the respect of students and teachers.

8) The recipient should not have received more than two scholarships in their grade 12 year.


Paige Brady "Living Your Dreams" Bursary ($250)

1) Attended Campbell Collegiate for two years or more.

2) Good attendance and academic record.

3) Has developed independence as evidenced by academic work and relationships with staff and fellow students.

4) Maintains a positive lifestyle.

5) Is anticipating, but is not necessarily planning, to attend a post-secondary institution.

Attach: A resume, one letter of reference, an outline of personal and career goals, and a copie of exceptional academic work.


Jay, Mark and Stacey Kesten Community Activity Award ($300)

1) Must be a graduating student with a minimum overall average of 75% with courses taken at Campbell.

2) Should have earned at least 50% of high school credits at Campbell Collegiate.

3) Must be active in the school and especially within the community.

Attach: A short 1-2 page description of how your community activity has supported one or more of the four elements of the Regina Public School's Share Values.


Katie Boehm Memorial Scholarship ($1000)

Katie was a fun-loving young woman with a big heart and a bright future. She especially cared for those who have had to deal with major challenges in life. This award is given in honour of Katie and rewards a student who shares the same type of kindness, generosity and compassion for others. Please apply if you are a graduate who:

1) People would describe as having a "big heart".

2) Has financial need.

3) Has given time to those in need.

4) Has plans for attending a post-secondary institution (trade school, university or other) following high school graduation.

Attach: In one page or less, tell us about yourself and a particular challenge you have had overcome to get to where you are today. Please let us know what your plans are after high school and what program you will be attending.


Bob Peters Memorial Scholarship ($200)

1) Very involved in the Campbell Music Program.

2) Maintained an "A" average.

3) Exemplifies a high moral character.

4) Student who has demonstrated significant growth as a student and person while attending Campbell Collegiate.


Brayden Reddick Memorial Scholarship ($300)

1) A choral performer who has participated in choirs and in Musical Theatre throughout their Campbell life.

2) An exceptional performer (both singer and actor).

3) One who has been extensively involved in, and, committed to the Campbell Music Program as a leader, friend, mentor and advocate.

4) A person who has demonstrated a commitment to OTHERS through service in the Campbell Music Program and in the broader Campbell Collegiate community.


U of R - Luther College Entrance Scholarships (3 x $500)

1) To be awarded to three graduating high school students from Campbell Collegiate.

2) Students must be registered at the U of R with Luther College.

3) Will be based on academic excellence and extra-curricular activities for the last two years leading to graduation.

Attach: 1) A reference letter supporting your academic and extra-curricular achievements 2) Proof of registration at the University  of Regina - Luther College.


To print Campbell Only Application Form click HERE

To print Teacher Reference Form click HERE